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Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are the most promising fields in emerging technologies. We are witnessing tremendous growth in applications of IoT and AI even as research continues in these fields. The pace at which IoT and AI are progressing can be overwhelming sometimes. IoTality intends to serve as an entry point to the exciting world of IoT and AI by way of producing content which is beginner friendly. We publish blog posts and tutorials to help you start your journey in IoT and AI. The content is as descriptive as it can be while maintaining a level easy enough to read and assimilate. Additionally, IoTality also provides content which is deeply technical such as RTOS, Embedded systems and programming.

Currently IoTality is in beta and content is being added regularly. Please check back often for additions!

About the author

Gopal Amlekar is the lead author and founder of IoTality. Gopal is having close to 22 years of progressive experience in the Industry. He has worked on several projects in Embedded systems, Electronics product designs, Firmware, Hardware and Application Software. Starting with assembly programming on 8051 to working on emerging technologies such as IoT and AI, Gopal has a versatile rounded skill set. You can follow him on social networks by clicking on the social media links on IoTality.

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